Live-in Care

Live-in Care with Glorycrown

Live-in care is whereby a professional move into your house to support you with your day to day needs and help you to live as much of a normal life as possible.

With care in your home you will have control as to how your day is spent and what meals are made, you will have control to customise how your care is carried out. Our Live-in Carers are experienced and qualified to help with a range of duties from caring for those with Dementia to simply being a companion.

Our live-in carers will always be prepared for an emergency situation, you will never need to worry about being alone when you have a fall, are in pain or ill. With our live-in carers, you will always know that you are safe and help is available at all times.

By having a live-in carer, you will have one on one care that is completely focused on you and malleable as your needs change.

Your live-in carer will require their own bedroom within your home and while they are available to assist you 24 hours a day, it is recommended they have at least 2 hours to themselves within this period, perfect for you to take a nap!